Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

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Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation has become popular to cover alopecia, hide scars and birthmarks, and increase hair transplant treatments’ visual impact. Micropigmentation on the scalp area, rightly called medical tattoo, is the most popular of all. It is the ultimate scalp grooming solution. Unlike hair transplantation methods, scalp micro-pigmentation treatment is a non-invasive way of hair loss treatment. As the name suggests, scalp micro-pigmentation treatment involves applying natural pigments at the upper dermis to replicate the natural appearance of hair follicles.

Scalp Micropigmentation – Both Science and Art

Scalp micro pigmentation requires expertise in determining the pattern of hair growth. Natural hair follicles don’t grow in the same direction. Therefore, the specialist first recognizes the natural direction as well as peculiarities of hair patterns. Not only this, it involves the use of multiple shades of pigmentation as all hair follicles are not of the same shade. Thus, micro-pigmentation blends the specialist and modern technology’s artistic instincts to get the hairline’s realistic finish.

Scalp Micropigmentation Suitability

Scalp micro pigmentation is suitable for all types of alopecia irrespective of their color, age, and sex of the patient. Stigmas associated with premature aging due to hair thinning or complete hair loss affect both men’s and women’s confidence. The camouflage of well-groomed hair by scalp micro-pigmentation boosts the person’s mood and self-confidence, suffering from baldness. It is scared of undergoing surgical treatments to restore hair.

Scalp micro pigmentation is suitable for all types of alopecia irrespective of their color, age, and sex of the patient. Stigmas associated with premature aging due to hair thinning or complete hair loss affect both men’s and women’s confidence. The camouflage of well-groomed hair by scalp micro-pigmentation boosts the person’s mood and self-confidence, suffering from baldness. It is scared of undergoing surgical treatments to restore hair. Scalp micro pigmentation treatment in Delhi is effectively done not only for incomplete baldness but also to cover crown balding and hairline receding. Since different pigmentation shades are involved in creating a natural look, the treatment is suitable for different skin types and colors – Asian, Afro-Caribbean, Latino, White and mixed races.

Procedure of Scalp Micropigmentation treatment

Scalp micro pigmentation usually requires three sittings of approximately 4 hours each, with a gap of at least a week between each sitting. The initial session involves creating hairline and first fill, followed by further filling, texture smoothing, and finishing in later sessions. Once the micro-pigmentation procedure is complete, aftercare is equally important as advised to get the best and long-lasting results. Scalp Micro-pigmentation is an alternative treatment to treat hair loss. When medications stimulate hair growth, they don’t give desired results.

What is scalp micropigmentation and how does it work?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical procedure that involves depositing tiny pigment dots into the scalp to create the illusion of hair follicles. It is primarily used to address hair loss, thinning hair, or baldness. The process utilizes specialized equipment and pigments matched to the natural hair color. During the SMP procedure, a skilled technician uses a micro-needle to apply the pigment dots to the scalp, replicating the appearance of hair follicles. The dots are strategically placed to mimic the density and pattern of real hair growth. This technique can be customized to achieve various styles, including a closely shaved look, filling in thinning areas, or creating a hairline. The pigments used in SMP are typically organic and specifically formulated for scalp application. They are designed to fade naturally over time and avoid discoloration. The technician considers factors such as skin tone, hair color, and desired result to ensure a natural-looking outcome.

Scalp micropigmentation is a gradual process that may require multiple sessions depending on the extent of hair loss and desired density. The sessions are usually spaced out to allow the scalp to heal and the pigments to settle. Each session builds upon the previous one, gradually creating the desired appearance. The results of scalp micropigmentation are immediate and can be long-lasting. The procedure effectively camouflages bald areas or thinning hair, creating the illusion of a fuller head of hair. SMP is a low-maintenance solution, requiring minimal touch-ups and fading gradually over time. However, periodic maintenance sessions may be recommended to maintain the desired look. Overall, scalp micropigmentation offers a versatile and effective solution for individuals experiencing hair loss. It provides a realistic and natural-looking result, boosts self-confidence, and requires no daily maintenance.

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Scalp micropigmentation

Benefits Of Scalp micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) offers several benefits as a hair loss solution:

  • Natural Appearance
    SMP creates the illusion of real hair follicles, giving a natural appearance of a closely shaved head or increased hair density. It is meticulously customized to match the individual’s hair color, skin tone, and desired style, resulting in a seamless and realistic outcome.
  • Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive
    Unlike hair transplant surgeries, SMP does not require incisions or the transplantation of hair follicles. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, minimizing the risks, downtime, and discomfort associated with surgical interventions.
  • Immediate Results
    The results of SMP are instant. After the procedure, individuals can immediately enjoy the appearance of a fuller head of hair. There is no need to wait for transplanted hair to grow, making SMP an attractive option for those seeking immediate cosmetic improvement.
  • Versatility
    SMP is versatile and can be tailored to address various degrees of hair loss. It is suitable for individuals with receding hairlines, thinning hair, complete baldness, or even those who have undergone hair transplant procedures and desire additional density or coverage.
  • Low Maintenance
    Once the desired SMP look is achieved, minimal maintenance is required. There is no need for daily styling, expensive hair products, or ongoing treatments. SMP is long-lasting, with the pigments gradually fading over time, requiring only occasional touch-ups to maintain the desired appearance.
  • Boosts Self-Confidence
    Hair loss can have a significant impact on self-esteem. SMP helps restore confidence by providing a realistic and natural-looking solution for hair loss. The improved appearance can positively influence overall well-being, social interactions, and self-image.
  • Safe and Suitable for Various Hair Loss Types
    SMP is a safe procedure suitable for both men and women experiencing different types and causes of hair loss, including androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, scarring alopecia, and more. It can be customized to meet individual needs and aesthetic preferences.
  • Cost-Effective
    Compared to other hair restoration options, SMP tends to be a more cost-effective solution. It eliminates the need for long-term expenses related to hair growth products, maintenance treatments, or costly surgical procedures.

In summary, scalp micropigmentation offers a natural, non-surgical, versatile, and low-maintenance solution for hair loss. It provides immediate and long-lasting results, boosting self-confidence and improving the overall appearance of individuals experiencing hair loss.


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Scalp micropigmentation has been a game-changer for me. It's incredible how the skilled technicians were able to create the illusion of a full head of hair. The results are so natural-looking, and it has given me a significant confidence boost. I love the low maintenance aspect of it, and the fact that I no longer have to worry about my thinning hair. Highly recommend!"

Akshit Malhotra

Delhi, India

I was skeptical about scalp micropigmentation at first, but I am thrilled with the results. The procedure was painless, and the technician worked closely with me to achieve the exact look I wanted. The pigments matched my hair color perfectly, and it's hard to tell that it's not real hair. It has given me a renewed sense of self-confidence, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Dayalal Aggarwal

Delhi, India​

I can't express how satisfied I am with scalp micropigmentation. It has transformed my appearance and made me feel like a new person. The procedure was comfortable, and the technicians were professional and attentive. The pigments match my skin tone and hair color perfectly. I highly recommend scalp micropigmentation to anyone struggling with hair loss or thinning hair.

Rohit Gupta

Delhi, India​

Scalp micropigmentation is a game-changer for those dealing with hair loss. It's a simple yet effective procedure that has given me a natural-looking hairline and the appearance of denser hair. The results are incredible, and I've received numerous compliments on my new look. I feel more confident and at ease in social situations. If you're considering it, I say go for it – you won't regret it!

Amardip Singh

Delhi, India​

Frequently Asked Questions


SMP is a non-surgical procedure that involves depositing pigments into the scalp to create the appearance of hair follicles, providing the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

Discomfort during SMP is generally minimal. Topical numbing agents are applied to the scalp before the procedure to ensure a comfortable experience.

The duration of the procedure depends on the extent of the treatment. On average, it can range from 2 to 4 hours per session.

SMP is suitable for various types of hair loss, including receding hairlines, thinning hair, complete baldness, and even to camouflage scars or hair transplant scars.

The longevity of SMP varies depending on factors such as skin type, sun exposure, and skincare routine. Generally, it lasts for several years before requiring touch-up sessions.

Side effects are minimal and temporary, including slight redness or mild swelling, which typically subside within a few days. Choosing a skilled technician reduces the risk of complications.

Yes, skilled technicians can customize the pigments to match various hair colors, including shades for blonde, brunette, black, or even gray hair. The pigments can also be adjusted to match different skin tones.

The cost of SMP varies depending on factors such as the extent of the treatment and geographic location. It’s best to consult with a specialist to get an accurate price estimate.

While the pigments used in SMP are long-lasting, they can be adjusted or modified if desired. Complete removal may require laser tattoo removal techniques.

Most individuals can resume their regular activities immediately after the procedure. However, it’s recommended to avoid excessive sweating, sun exposure, and swimming for a few days.

Yes, scalp micropigmentation is suitable for both men and women experiencing hair loss or thinning hair.