Permanent Make-up

AWISH Clinic

Areola Reconstruction / Mole creation

You can choose for a mole creation/removal if you think that a beautiful spot on the face will add that special touch to your attractiveness and quotient. Areola reconstruction helps correct the size, color, symmetry, and shape of the areola. At AWISH, we can reshape them and add the actual pigment.

AWISH Clinic

Beard / scalp permanent makeup

If you experience hair loss or thinning locks, micro-blading and micro-pigmentation can help you get an enhanced look. The process is helpful for people who have alopecia, baldness, cancer, and thinning hair. Permanent Makeup can also satisfy your wish to have a full beard or mustache or give you complete five-O’clock darkness. Micropigmentation can also reduce the scars of Alopecia Areata & Alopecia Totalis.

AWISH Clinic

Eyebrow design for men & women

Eyebrows genuinely represent us. At AWISH clinic, we customize an eyebrow makeover for you and help you get the arch, fancied length, thickness, and shape for your eyebrows. We can also provide your desired shade and color or a mix of colors to your eyebrow. The techniques used are micro-blading, micro pigmentation, powder brows, and Ombre brows.

AWISH Clinic

Eyebrow reconstruction & touch-up

AWISH clinic has the experience and skills to correct just about every type of eyebrow for women and men. Permanent Makeup provides you the shape you desire by filling in thinning eyebrows that have been over-plucked, poorly made, or have become thinner with age. We also give touch-up services if your eyebrow color has faded, was poorly done, or needs a slightly different shade.

Eyelash lift & eyelash extension

Make your lashes seem fuller and longer with added color or tone and depth. You can either go for Eyelash Extension or Eyelash Lifting. Eyelash lift includes natural curling and perming of your lashes to give them look fuller and longer. The result lasts for 30-40 days. Eyelash lift, though, does not give volume. Eyelash extension is attaching false eyelashes, one by one, to each natural eyelash to provide a theatrical effect with added volume and shape.

Permanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner can genuinely improve your appearance and expressions. You need not deal with smudged eyeliners; They can stretch the eyes, prolong the appearance or enhance the image of thicker, fuller lashes. They can be an even or natural line enriched with beautiful colors. The procedure is painless and comfortable.

AWISH Clinic

Permanent lip color

Permanent Makeup for lips is made along the edges of the lips to resemble a lip liner. It provides you the appearance of a full lip. The lips have thin skin that is regularly being shed by natural processes. This shedding makes it challenging for color to continue faithful. Be sure to schedule your re-touch after 30-40 days to maximize color recognition.