myths of hair transplant by Dr. Vijay Kumar at awish clinic in Delhi

Hair transplant is considered the best treatment for hair fall and baldness, and now the expert techniques of our hair transplant surgeons make hair transplants so painless natural with the awesome result that no one can see that hair transplant has been done or not.

On the one hand, those who know about hair transplants take advantage of it and get rid of their baldness. But on the other hand, people who do not know about hair transplants are afraid of it and scare others, and spread Myths about hair transplants. Our Dr. Vijay Kumar, an MBBS MD hair transplant surgeon, has written a book on hair transplant research and experience. So this research and daily meet such patients from whom they know what false things people make against hair transplant, we will tell you all those false things and myths.


#1. Hair Transplant causes damage to the brain:

It is a myth there can be no damage to the brain during hair transplant because the punch with which we extract the follicles is called FUE punch, and The length of the FUE punch is very short. The brain is far below the size of the punch, first the scalp, then the bone, then the dura mater, the CSF, then the brain, and the length of the punch is not that much to reach the brain.

#2. Pain will persist for the life-long:

Some people say that even after having a hair transplant, its pain lasts for a long time and can last for life, so it is not true; it is a myth. Hair transplant surgery is done with local anesthesia, after which the pain does not persist; you can also know how to reduce pain in a hair transplant.

#3. After the hair transplant, we get the same hair density as past:

People think that hair transplants can help them get thicker hair than in childhood. Your density can be tried to increase if you have a good donor area. You are never given the same density as you were in childhood. But while doing this, we get such an experience that how should we apply even lesser follicles that they become an illusion, due to which the hair density is high but if you compare then it can never be like your childhood.

#4. Hair transplant should be done in the last:

People think that a hair transplant should always be the last stage because it is the last option. No, you don’t have to wait for the last stage when you don’t have enough follicles to get the hair transplant because a Hair transplant requires follicles that are removed from your donor area and placed in the recipient area. If the follicles of your recipient area are damaged, or some baldness has come, you can still get a hair transplant done in the early stage.

#5. After a hair transplant, the rest of the hair also falls out:

It is a myth that there is no effect on the rest of the hair after getting a hair transplant.

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