How many types of peels are there? Chemical peels are cosmetic medication procedures that apply a non-toxic chemical solution to flush the skin’s feeling by excluding the broken outer layers. A facial chemical peel procedure excludes the top layer of dead skin cells and stimulates new cells and collagen growth through deep exfoliation. It provides […]

5 Tips To Improved Skin Care Your skin is the foremost thing that people see in you, and that is why a proper skin care regimen is so important. Many skincare products claim to help improve skin tone and promote a perfect complexion, but the fact is that there are no such things as instant results. An […]

Steps of Hair Transplant Steps 1. The Consultation At AWISH Clinic, all of our potential clients have to visit the clinic to consult with Dr. Vijay Kumar (MBBS, MD- Hair Transplant Surgeon). You will meet your Dr. Vijay Kumar during your consultation, who will examine your hair loss and choose the best treatment and medicines to give you the […]

Hair transplant is considered the best treatment for hair fall and baldness, and now the expert techniques of our hair transplant surgeons make hair transplants so painless natural with the awesome result that no one can see that hair transplant has been done or not. On the one hand, those who know about hair transplants […]

5 mistakes people usually do in Hair Loss What are the 5 Mistakes you make when you have hair loss? Hair loss is a severe and very common problem nowadays. We talk with many patients suffering from hair loss daily and know what mistakes they make to prevent hair loss. If you have hair loss, […]

Is Hair Transplant surgery painful? Answer is yes, hair transplant surgery is painful, but the pain is very less because we do this surgery under local anesthesia. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, and surgeon Dr. Vijay Kumar will always counsel that there may be some level of discomfort with any surgical procedure, whether this is […]

Is Hair Transplant permanent? that is the most important question that arises in every patient visiting a Hair Transplant Surgeon. Dr. Vijay Kumar shares insights and truth about it and the hair transplant process. Read the full article if you want to know if it is permanent or so, so why? Is Hair Transplant Permanent […]