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So you must have heard that there are two types of methods of surgery, FUT and FUE. Here Dr. Vijay Kumar (MBBS, MD – Hair Transplant Surgeon) will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of both those methods, which will make it easier for you to choose them. Choose which method in FUT or FUE.

Advantage and Disadvantage of FUT

Advantages of FUT Method of Hair transplant

The most significant advantage is with the FUT method. We remove the strip in the FUT method from our donor area. Then, we dissect each follicle separately from that strip and implant those follicles in the forward or recipient area. This is the simple method of FUT, and When we come out of the strip from the occipital region, the occipital region is called the sweet spot of the donor area. When we harvest the strip from the sweet spot and transplant it by dissecting the follicles, all the follicles in this strip are resistant to the effect of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone. If our follicles are DHT resistant, the follicle’s survival period is the longest, which means your hair will be there for many years after your hair transplant. This is the biggest advantage of FUT.

The grafts that we remove in the FUT method are removed in strips, then the count of grafts is more if we compare with FUE.

When we dissect the follicle with a stereo microscope, the chances of damage to the follicles are very low, so getting trauma in your follicles is meager. 

Another significant advantage associated with feet is that you don’t need to shave your head in the FUT method if you are planning a FUT. And if you have such a job in which you do not want your head to be shaved, then it is possible with the foot method.

There is also an advantage that a single linear scar comes in the FUT method, whereas, in the FUE method, multiple punches are made, so multiple scars come.

In the FUT method, the time consumption in surgery and graft harvesting is very less, so the duration of surgery is less than the FUE method.

Disadvantages of the FUT method.

So the first disadvantage of FUT is that the linear scars that we take in it can be seen, and you are also likely to have keloid formation in that scar. If your scalp is very tight, then the linear scar in the scalp that follows in the scalp may be Widen-up more on the tight scalp, which looks very bad.

FUT method is a more invasive procedure of hair transplant. Its recovery time may take longer than FUE because it involves suturing, and staplers can also be used. It is a more invasive procedure because the entire strip is removed. It also takes more recovery time. During the recovery time, the pain in the Fut method is slightly more than the FUE method.

When the strip is removed from behind, there may be numbness, and it may take weeks to months for you to get the sensation of that numbness.

You may need to go to the doctor for follow-ups to remove sutures and staples.

So, friends, we discussed FUT, its advantages, and disadvantages, and now we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of FUE.

Advantage and Disadvantage of FUE

Advantages of FUE Method of Hair transplant

The first advantage is that the FUT method does not contain linear scars and does not use any suture material or staples.

In the FUE method, if suture material and staples are not used, then a follow-up visit is not required to get them removed.

When you do not remove the strip and do not use sutures, the recovery time is much faster in the FuE method. And no pain in the healing happens in the recovery period of FuE. So your energy turns out to be very smooth when the hair transplant is done; during that time, you may have a little pain, and there are many ways to reduce that pain.

If you want to keep short hair or have short hair, then the FUE method will be better for you because in the FUT method, if you keep the back hair short, your scar can be visible.

The FUE method can also be done robotically, and if your scalp is very tight, then the FUE method is preferred.

If your grafts are very low and they cannot be taken from the scalp, then the hair is taken from your beard or chest, which is called a body hair transplant. Beard and chest harvesting can be done only by the FUE method.

Now let's talk about the disadvantages of the FUE Method.

When the extraction is done from the back, multiple follicles are removed, so removing use takes a lot of time. The extraction time is much more than FuT, and effort is also more in FUE because follicles are removed one by one.

The number of grafts is less in the FUE method than in the FUT method.

A number of follicles When we do multiple punches, multiple scars are in the occipital region. Those scars can be more visible at times, which look useless; if your surgeon is there to remove the follicle continuously, then there comes a Moth-eaten appearance which is also called over-harvesting; that scar is horrible to see. You have to get re-harvesting or scalp micro-pigmentation done to hide it.

If a follicle outside a safer donor area is removed and placed in the recipient area of ​​your scalp and the follicle is sensitized to dihydrotestosterone, which is called a sensitive follicle, those follicles may fall off after your transplant, which may occur after a few years. Key is very less in FUT, but the chances of getting sensitive follicles are high in FUE.

So both of the methods are very good, and the hair transplant is the best treatment option available in the world right now. If your follicle is completely damaged, then by definition, hair transplant is the best method, and many people have got very good results from it from almost everyone. They come, and those results are excellent, but both methods have some advantages and disadvantages that you can discuss in detail with your surgeon.

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