Is Hair Transplant surgery painful?

Answer is yes, hair transplant surgery is painful, but the pain is very less because we do this surgery under local anesthesia. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, and surgeon Dr. Vijay Kumar will always counsel that there may be some level of discomfort with any surgical procedure, whether this is as a local anesthetic is dispensed, but you will not feel any discomfort during the hair transplant, the patient is totally awake during the procedure and may feel some tugging or pulling, but this is not painful. The beauty of a local anesthetic is that the discomfort is indeed minimal, and it doesn’t carry any of the potential risks of a general anesthetic.

There are some tips to make your hair transplant very painless

Tip 1. – Always use insulin syringe of 31 gauge of needle size. This syringe has very finer the size of the needle paint will be, the less we always use an insulin syringe.Is hair transplant surgery painful

Tip 2. Always use icepack before injecting local anesthesia. Ice pack numb the injection site and reduce the pain of injection

Tip 3. Use a vibrator When you are injecting the local anesthesia.

Tip 4. Never refill the same syringe. We always use a new syringe for injecting the local anesthesia because if we use this needle once, the needle will get blunt, and the blunt needle will be more painful than the finer needle

Tip 5. If your OT environment is good, then you can use midazolam or ketamine with local anesthesia when you are injecting the local anesthesia.

Tip 6. You can use supraorbital and supratrochlear nerve block except for the field block when giving the local anesthesia. These are my six tips that can be useful to make your hair transplant very, less painful.

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