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Is Hair Transplant permanent? that is the most important question that arises in every patient visiting a Hair Transplant Surgeon. Dr. Vijay Kumar shares insights and truth about it and the hair transplant process. Read the full article if you want to know if it is permanent or so, so why?

Is Hair Transplant Permanent or Not?

The answer is yes! Hair transplant is the best permanent treatment for Baldness in the world. But If the transplanted hair is taken from the good or correct donor area, then the hair will not fall out after the hair transplant.

So, where is good donor area?

  1. Scalp hairs from the occipital area and adjoining temporal area are permanent. These are the first choice for the donor’s hair.
  2. Beard is the next choice as a donor. Beard hair is thick, and the biggest benefit is that it grows under the influence of DHT (unlike the temporary hair of the scalp). Beard hair gives good coverage in the crown area when combined with scalp hair. They should not be used for the hairline zone.
  3. Chest and abdomen hair can also be used in the advanced grade of Baldness; they are thin but give a good filling effect between beard and scalp hair.
  4. The last option is the hair from the extremities. Their growth is unpredictable, so it should be avoided.

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