using face wash according to skin type

Our skin has to absorb and fight dirt, pollution, smoke, dust, and whatnot every day. By the end of the day, just as we are tired, the skin is tired too.
Skin needs daily care to be lively, bright, glowing, and well-nourished. The secret to glowing and natural skin is an everyday routine starting with face wash.

Most people think that water is only the solution to clean the face, which is not true. The face wash is the primary and necessary need of every person because washing the face daily with face wash will help in deep cleansing of the face. If we don’t use cleansers regularly, it will store the dirt and bacteria, which leads to many skincare problems. Using face wash is very important to prevent pimples, acne, scars, dark spots, and other skin problems.

Identify your skin type

determining which is my skin type

The most important step in choosing face wash and caring for your skin is understanding your specific skin type. 

Normal Skin Type: Normal skin feels even and balanced.

  1. A clear appearance and even color
  2. It feels neither tight nor greasy.
  3. It is soft and supple when touched.
  4. Has good elasticity and moisture
  5. Has small, less visible pores
  6. Not sensitive to normal external stimulation

Oily Skin TypeAn oily skin type is exactly what it sounds like- Oily skin will feel greasy and shiny all over.

  1. Shiny and often has breakouts
  2. Less visible wrinkles
  3. Visible and enlarged looking pores
  4. Makeup may wear off easily

Dry Skin Type: Dry skin will feel tight and dry. 

  1. Skin feels tight and irritable
  2. Often looks flaky
  3. Shows fine lines
  4. Has visibly small pores
  5. Slow secretion of sebum
  6. It May be hard to apply makeup

Combination Skin Type: Combination skin1 includes areas that are dry as well as oily—with the T-Zone commonly being oily, and the cheeks being either dry or normal.

Sensitive Skin Type: Sensitive skin usually feels itchy, patchy, dry, and can sometimes sting.


Face wash according to Skin Type

face wash in cream, gel, foaming, and liquid form best face washes according to skin type

Face wash for oily and acne-prone Skin Type

The ideal face wash for someone with oily skin should include aloe vera extract, benzoyl peroxide, niacinamide, AHA ( alpha-hydroxy acid), and BHA (beta-hydroxy acid-like glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid. An oil-control face wash that cleans deep to purify pores and helps control oil production without leaving your face appearing dry. A formula that balances pH will also slow down the growth of bacteria and help prevent acne breakouts. You can also try Retinol. It increases skin turnover, which helps get rid of old dead skin cells and promotes the generation of new healthy skin cells. Choose a facewash that is:

  1. Light Weight
  2. Non-comedogenic
  3. Gentle
  4. Fragrance-Free
  5. Sulfate-Free

Face wash for Dry Skin Type

Dry skin is characterized by red, irritated skin, often tight because the protective skin barrier is compromised. Face wash for dry skin should include Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, ceramides, Aloe Vera, and niacinamide. Dr. Vijay Kumar says the best face wash formulation for this skin type is non-foaming and milky texture. It should contain hydrating components such as hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract. Always cleanse your face twice a day — post getting up in the morning and before sleeping.
Avoid high foaming face wash as these may contain sulfates that tend to irritate your skin and eyes.

Face wash for Combination Skin Type

It is usually in an oily T-Zone-forehead, nose, and chin with dry skin alongside the cheeks. Combination skin requires a balanced product as certain parts of the skin are dry, while the T-zone and chin are oily. The doctors suggest using a mild, gel-based face wash that will cleanse the face without drying it-A formula balances a thorough clean with a healthy dose of hydration. Like a cleanser for dry skin, it should clear away oil and grime without stripping skin of moisture. The ideal cleanser protects the skin’s lipid barrier, locking in natural moisture while cleansing surface oil.

Face wash for Sensitive Skin Type

Your skin is often red—especially after shaving or cleansing—and prone to irritation and reaction. Be gentle in this case. Cleansers with thick, creamy foams and soothing ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, and willow bark. Balancing pH is also necessary, as the skin can get dry or irritated when its pH is away from normal. Avoid cleansers with fragrances, essential oils, alcohol, harsh exfoliants, and chemicals. Use super mild cleansers with a creamy texture, and just a pea-sized amount is enough to clean your whole face. 

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